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American Fire Hot Sauce

Red Clay, documentary film about the glory days of Argentine Tennis.

Down the Dixie Highway for Georgia Public Broadcasting


•TV commercials for Calvin Smith (an Atlanta Attorney)
•Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant
•Trade Bank Atlanta
•Chamber of Commerce spot for a Mexican State
•Political ad for BurkeWoodCreative
•Video Narration for Hillshire Farms Beef and Sara Lee Turkeys (Bosco Productions)
•English voiceover and trailers for a documentary film on Argentine tennis. This documentary was recently entered into the Marbella Spain International Film Festival for 2014 under the title, Red Clay.
•Pubic Service Announcement for The Foundation Fighting Blindness
•Documentary film narration for The Old Dixie Highway, for Georgia Public Broadcasting
•Penny Abshire and James Alburger (The Voice Acting Academy)
•Gabby Nistico (VO Career)
•Ed Victor (The Big Gun)
•Bill DeWees
•Adam Drescher (Creative Studios of Atlanta)
•David Goldberg of Edge Studios
•Lauren Hudsen (Voiceover City)

Commercial Demo 1

Commercial Demo 2

Narration Demo

Medical Narration Demo 1

Medical Narration Demo 2

Audio Book Demo 1

Audio Book Demo 2

Documentary Demo 1

Documentary Demo 2

E-Learning Demo 1

E-Learning Demo 2

E-Learning Demo 3

Promo Demo

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Meet Bill

Are you searching for just the right voice? Are you looking for a voice that can set the tone for your brand? Is working with someone that is  professional, talented and dependable a part of your requirements? Bill Cleveland has over 15 years of experience in the voice over industry, representing  many established business and production companies. Bill is easy to work with, is versatile and “is an artist” with his voice. Do you have a need for technical jargon? Bill has a varied background with IBM where he was a technical writer, product planner and even worked as a test engineer on rockets for our Space program. This background translates well to technical companies looking for a voice to confidently express the jargon that is so important to high tech companies. While at IBM, Bill also received a Biology degree, which gives him versatility in the voice over field with pharmaceutical and other medical companies. He doesn’t shy away from difficult to pronounce vernacular. Bill’s demos reflect his voice range, his background and his professional training. He delivers a quality recording from his professional home studio on time and in the format you request. Contact Bill today for a consultation.
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